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Examples of recent media work and advocacy. Authored op-eds and reporting can be found on my blog and portfolio.

Māori TV | Te Kāea | Student Loan Cap increase a welcome relief to Māori med students [02.08.18]

The govt has lifted the lifetime cap on the student loan from eight to ten years. Third-year medical student Sherwood-O’Regan says it allows for more Māori to be represented in the health workforce.

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Māori TV | Te Kāea | Encouraging communities to by fizzy drink free [21.12.17]

Māori Public Health providers Hāpai Te Hauora say consumption of sugary drinks is linked to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, tooth decay and many other health problems.

Campaign Manager for Fizz Free Whānau, Kera Sherwood-O’Regan (Ngāi Tahu) says, “Obesity is a massive issue in Aotearoa when we have 15% of our Māori tamarki, 30% of our Pacifica tamariki who are obese compared to only 11%, which is obviously still a problem but of the general population, I think it’s a massive equity issue and a massive health issue.”

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Māori TV | Kawe Kōrero | Māori medical students push for loan cap to be lifted

“… Sherwood-O’Regan believes the government should enable students to complete their degrees to realise their dreams and contribute to their communities.

“If you think about it half a doctor isn’t much use to the government or tax payers. Half a doctor isn’t going to cure your diabetes or heart disease or protect our tamariki from rheumatic fever so it seems to me like the government is actually undercutting their own investment by not following through, by not letting us finish so that we can actually go and work in the community…”

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TVNZ | OneNews | “Many whānau are absolutely hooked” – Māori health group urges govt to step up on sugary drinks [17.01.18]

“Hapai Te Hauora said in a statement today the government needs to “step up to protect communities”.

It comes after research from the University of Waikato that studied the sugar content of non-alcoholic beverages across NZ, the UK, Australia and Canada, with New Zealand landing a dismal last place health-wise in almost all categories researched…”

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Women’s Weekly | My Dream Has a Price [17.01.18]

Personal interview on my journey into medicine, experience with Fibromyalgia, and why I’m campaigning for the Student Loan Cap to be lifted.

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Newshub | Medical student debt could cost the health of New Zealanders [16.06.17]

Interviewed about medical student debt, and the implications for this on wider health sector.

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NewsHub | Link between gambling and sick kids, claims Dr Lance O’Sullivan [11.02.18]

Quoted in an article on the connection between gambling and health, based on a conference presentation I gave for Hāpai Te Hauora.

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